An Association created to give back to this beautiful province we call home!

The largest black immigrant group in BC

Nigerians are the largest immigrant group in British Columbia. 

Nigerians are the happiest people in the world!

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New to BC?

Please contact us for settlement services to help you enjoy your new city. Our settlement services include assistance with housing before landing, airport pickup services, career training and job search/matching among other things

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Looking for career resources?

If you are considering switching careers or starting a new business, NCABC has a plethora of support services to help you access the trainings you need to make the switch or start and grow your business.

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Need consular services?

Are you a Nigerian trying to renew your Nigerian International Passport? Or a Canadian/other citizen interested in obtaining a visa to get to Nigeria? Please refer to our sign up sheet for consular services. NCABC is the only approved body acting as a satellite resource center for the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa.

What members say about us

I had trouble finding a job that matched my skills and experience. NCABC helped to train me and match me with a job.


When I landed in BC, I knew no one. NCABC was at the airport waiting for me and helped me get settled.